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A company dedicated to developing, producing and delivering chemical solutions for the construction industry


We thank you for trusting our Company. In 1999, when we started our activities in Brazil, we aimed to offer our customers outstanding products: chemical specialties to face up to our customers’ needs in their projects and constructions with a new product portfolio, always, supported by after-sales service and technical assistance.

Our great challenge, beyond the customer’s satisfaction, is to innovate. Therefore, our Research and Development Department continuously creates and improves our products, to achieve excellence.

In a modern management system, based on performance indicators, we are proud of our progressive development, what is only possible with a synergistic approach between the client and the suppliers.

On the next pages, we present you a brief of the Company structure, products and services. We expect once again to offer to our customers’ needs the best solution, improving their business.

We are concerned about the environmental and its protection. Our company acts in conformance with an integrated management system, which requires good industrial practices of quality, environmental and health and safety in the workplace. We produce eco-labelling products.

Enjoy yourself knowing Hagen™ do Brasil and find out why we are an innovative Chemical Company.

Corporate Sustainability

ABNT Quality certifications. NBR ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS ISO 18001:2007, NBR ISO 14001:2004, NBR ISO 14020:2002 and NBR ISO 14024:2004.

iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 18001, iso 14020, iso 14024 ISO 9001 ISO 18001ISO 14001 Rótulo ambiental

OUR PHILOSOPHY AND VISION intend, through an after sales service and personalized assistance, to bring value to the customers, in a continuous process of partnership.

The main key for the development of our business activities is the commitment to becoming a sustainable organization. It provides clear goals for our teams and holds us to account for the environment and social impacts of our business, embracing responsibility for the company's action.

Ethical and integrity conduct, authenticity, transparency, and continuous development are characteristics that qualify our research structures, competitive technologies and efficient marketing organization, building trust and respect on our customers.

To support our vision to do the right thing for clients, community and environment, our Company is conduct in considering to an effective ecological strategy, in order to guarantee a truth Green Company, based on green products that help us to preserve the environment for the future generations.

Continuous investments in new technologies allow our clients to acquire biodegradable products, whose effective performance and bio-properties are certified by accredited laboratories, as well as they are Eco-Labelling-ABNT. Furthermore, an integrated management system (ISO 9001 + OHSAS 18001 + ISO 14001) has been implemented and certified. Hagen do Brasil production line attend to high quality standards, in compliance with the current legislation, specially, concerning the protection of the environment and the health of our employees. It is the commitment of our Company.

You may find our products all over the construction sites and factories of precast concrete in Brazil. No matter its size, you find us. Our Company provides customized solutions, specially, in order to attend to technical requirements and standards needs to remarkable business with high complexity.

Our expertise and techniques are required to relevant projects, as the construction of the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (Niterói-Brazil), Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Curitiba-Brazil), Niemeyer Way (Niterói-Brazil) and the Charitas Waterway Station (Niterói-Brazil), all designed by the world famous architect Oscar Niemeyer.


Infrastructure, research, development and technology.
All to bring innovation, the best products and cost-benefit to your company.

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