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hagen spand plast

< Additives for Cement

hagen spand plast

Additive (powder) for cement injection

It is a chemical with expanding and fluidizing action, free of chlorides, which aims to compensate the retraction caused by the expansion effect. Developed for use with grout for prestressed cable sheaths and for treatment of cracks in concrete and rock.


  • Used for expansion joints, as well as for surface / end capping joints.
  • Improved fluidity
  • Increased cohesion
  • Avoid fissures
  • Plasticizes mortar and cement pastes and, due to its expansive action, facilitates its introduction in the cracks and cavities, properly filling all empty
  • Volume expansion in the wet state to develope non-shrink property
  • Chloride free. Does not attack reinforcement or pre stressed cables
  • Water content of the mix can be reduced
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