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They have the ability to thoroughly cover a surface or penetrate a porous substrate, creating an environmental which permits the permeability to gas and water vapor. Their features have low surface tension, which enables them to spread and soak easily into a substrate’s pores. Their highly flexible and mobile properties enable the water-repelling to orient themselves toward the surface, creating a waterproof coat, which has the ability to breathe. Because our products have a very open molecular structure, water vapor trapped in the substrate can easily slip through. Water molecules, however, are too large to enter.

flexhagen® A

(Shine varnish). A water-based varnish that provides long-lasting, durable and a decorative finish to interior or exterior concrete and masonry surfaces.

flexhagen® E

Water-repellent liquid (solvent) For treatment of cementitious surfaces by inhibiting the absorption of water.

flexhagen® II

ACRYLIC VARNISH. Recommended for interior coverings and outdoor areas, such as concrete in general, plaster, cement, brick, metal surface generally plywood and environments subject to moisture action.

flexhagen® S

Active silicone emulsion for reducing water uptake and producing visual beading while not blocking pores or capillaries of concrete substrates.

flexhagen® SS super

Oil and water-repellent. Recommended for running tracks, industrial floors, hangars, ceramic tiles and other surfaces commonly stained by oil and grease. Also suitable as a water repellant to concrete, bricks, stones, decorative tiles, granite, etc.

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